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The Issue (Harpers Bazaar Oct.2016)

Some of you might already know this about me but I was a fashion major in college. Designer and Haute Couture Fashions are my passion. It’s living art! Any how, I was thinking of sharing a post called “the issue” where I post pics of pages that speak to me and maybe we can start a discussion about designers and their works. Along with beauty products and super models featured. Sound fun? Here’s what I loved in this month’s issue of harpers bazaar!

I think Gigi Hadid is gorgeous in a more natural “California beauty” kind of way. And the collaboration she did with Tommy Hilfiger is on point. Here are some picures from the article “a day in the life” of Gigi Hadid. 

What a doll. 

Carolina Hererra is an icon in the designer fashion world and has held her place in the brand for 35 yrs, according to this article. In college I visited one of her stores, with a few classmates, to do research on the brand and it’s aesthetic. I remember it quite well because the sales associate was so standoffish and rude to me. I havnt gone back since. 

I enjoyed this spread. Loving the rich, warm tones for fall. 

Stila magnificent metals eyeshadow was featured on this page. I own the shade kitten and love the effect it gives. If it’s still available I recommend grabbing one for yourself and trying it on a day you are feeling adventurous. 

I forget who designed this jacket but I just love the theatrical feel of it! So over the top. 

I also enjoyed the jacket featured in the above J.Crew ad. The baby blue shade I believe they are calling “big sky” or something like that, is one of my favorites. The sweater below is by Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian designer who makes beautiful classic peices. I love the subtle, iridescent sequins. 

This DG dress, off the runway, just makes me happy. It’s pink and sparkly. 2 things a girl loves. Ha! 


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