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DIY Medium Blonde Lowlights

So every fiber in our bodies tell us not to dye our own hair. But today I realized I’m super broke and just wanted to make my roots less noticeable against my platium blonde, so I went for it. I had been doing research for a while now, just out of my own interest, so I felt equipped enough to know what to buy. Off to Sally’s Beauty Supply! While I was there I bought a membership 1/2 priced. Woo hoo! Here’s what I bought and how I achieved very subtle lowlights. 


Bowl, brush, clips, permanent color cream in 8n (medium nuetral blonde) level 10 developer, tin foil, gloves, paper towels. In total I spent $16.08! 


I mixed 1 part dye to 2 parts developer and whisked all the lumps out with the brush. I dived my hair into 4 sections. 2 on top and one on each side. I didn’t do my whole head, I only did the “t zone”. Starting at the back we went section by section, weaving pieces out of small 1 inch sections and applying the dye over a piece a foil. Then we folded the foil up and continued. By “we” I mean I had my husband help. Sorry there’s no pictures of this part. I was so nervous and excited. Once we finished the top sections we did the sides. Then I put a shower cap over the foils to lock in heat from my head. I let it process for 30-40 mins then showered. I used purple shampoo and conditioner to tone any potential brassiness. Then I blow dried my hair as usual. Here’s the end result. 

Right side:

Left side:

The lighter platinum pieces are from my original color. The honey and cinnamon pieces are the lowlights. I like how it came out! Very subtle and just enough to tone down and break up all that platinum blonde. Now my roots aren’t as noticeable. I have some product left over so I think I’ll add more in a month or so. 

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 


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