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Soft Winged Liner Tutorial 

Sometimes black winged eyeliner us just too harsh for your look and you want something softer. For this I use a brown cream stick liner and wing it out with a stiff angled eyeliner brush. 

Simply apply the liner to your top lid. Focus more product towards the outer lid. Then before it can set, take the angled brush and sweep the liner out to create a wing shape.

 Just make sure to aim out and up towards the tail end of your eyebrow. Don’t go over the liner too much or you will fade the wing out. If this happens just apply more liner at the base end if the wing and start again, shaping it out with the brush. I use a eyeliner stick that contains a cream liner. If you only have cream liner in a pot then apply your liner with your brush but be sparing when shaping the wing or you will lose the soft effect. 

Here is the end result. 

It’s pretty simple! 


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