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UD Moondust Palette Swatches 

It finally came and I’m so excited to experiment with some fun looks! Below are pictures of the pallete and swatches.

Look at that beautiful packaging! It has a magnetic closure and is made of thick textured plastic. A decent size but still good for travel.

Specter-light peach shade with pearlescent sparkle 

Element-red shade with a orange shift

Magnetic-purple with a darker shift and silver sparkle

Lightyear-green with silver sparkle 

Granite-charcoal with silver sparkle 

Lithium-bronze with gold sparkle

Vega-blue with a slight purple shift and silver sparkle 

Galaxy-a black base with a multi colored shift, think mermaid tails

Pictures don’t really capture the full effect of the shades and how they shift with movement and light,  a video would maybe. To see for yourself go swatch the colors at your local ulta or sephora. My favorite shade is galaxy it’s truly a gem. What’s yours?

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