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Friday First Impression (NYC BB Cream)




I recently purchased NYC BB Cream instant matte 5-in-1. I thought this might be good for me because I have oily skin and this product has a matte finish. Also when swatched on my hand it seemed a match for my light skin tone.
First I put on a thin layer and did my hair to give it time to set. It didn’t really balance out my redness so after that I did another layer. That’s when things got gross. The product started peeling off in little balls. Like dead skin. So annoying. It was actually taking its self off and getting blotchy as I was gently trying to pat on more. Nothing worked. I didn’t want to wipe my whole face down and start over so I used a ton of concealer to try and resolve the situation.
By the end of the day my face was so blotchy and red it was a mess. I think it made me break out too because I now have a couple pimples on my chin. Which I havnt gotten in a long time.

Over all I give this product an F. It doesn’t do me any good. The formula is horrible. No coverage, no moisture, nothing.



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