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Friday First Impression (Kiss Impress Press on Nails)



How silly are these! I thought I would do something fun and cute. I was getting bored with solid colors and basic chevron designs. I wasn’t too sure how these would hold up but it’s been 3 days and they are going strong. Pretty impressive for a stick on nail. It has its own adhesive pad already on the nail so you don’t use glue like other kits. That’s what made me think they wouldn’t last. It was hard to find the right size for each nail. I got it as close as possible. I like the way they feel on and I often forget I’m wearing press on nails. They definitely look like press on nails though. No one would ever think these are my real nails or even a salon job because they are so thick it’s obvious.

Over all I give this a B+ I would like them to be thinner so they wouldn’t be so obviously fake. Have you ever tried press on nails? Have a brand you love?hate?


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