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What’s in my Hospital Bag

Mommy Bag

  • maternity leggings and maternity tee for leaving the hospital
  • button up blouse for nursing and when visitors come
  • long night gown tee
  • big boy brief panties
  • robe
  • nursing bra
  • socks
  • flip flops for the shower
  • sweat pants
  • sandals
  • coloring book, colored pencils, word searches and magazines (incase there is down time)


  • lip balm
  • massage oil
  • deodorant
  • hand sanitizer
  • travel sized shampoo and conditioner
  • face wash and other face care products
  • toothbrush toothpaste
  • q-tips
  • basic makeup: foundation, powder, concealer, mascara, blush (for if I feel like it)
  • hair ties and headband
  • soap

Diaper Bag

  • baby socks
  • onsies and coming home outfits
  • diapers
  • diaper rash cream
  • wipes
  • pacifier
  • burp cloth
  • baby lotion
  • breast pads and nipple balm

Daddy Bag

  • sweat pants/lounge/sleep clothes
  • blanket
  • regular day time clothes, socks, underwear etc.
  • basic toiletries (shaving cream, toothbrush, hair gel, etc.)
  • a video game (apparently there is a ps3 in the delivery room)
  • flip flops
  • sandals
  • change for the vending machine
  • snacks and energy drinks
  • headphones

Hopefully I’m not forgetting anything! I’m a first time mom, so to say I over packed is an understatement. But, I rather be prepared!




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