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Stretch Marks (What Worked, What Didn’t)

Now that I’m in my 31st week of pregnancy aka “the home stretch”, I thought I would share my thoughts on what products I’ve been using for stretch marks. When I first found out I was pregnant, stretch marks and sagging skin were one of my concerns. I’m a fairly small person starting at 100 lbs and a height of 5’4″ at the beginning of my pregnancy. I already had previous stretch marks on my outer thighs from a growth spurt I had as a teen. To this day nothing has diminished them. I had also known of thin/fit women who had sagging or wrinkling skin after their pregnancies which no amount of exercise or cream can tighten. Apparently only surgery to remove the excess skin works. With this in mind I started my stretch mark prevention regimen right away. I’m glad to report I haven’t gotten a single stretch mark! Since the products changed over the course of my pregnancy, I’ll take you through it all by trimester.

1st Trimester:


The very first thing I purchased and started using is Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. I had heard about it through different YouTube channels and pregnancy blogs. It got a lot of raves for being natural and effective. So I thought I’d give it a try. This product was ok for a more nourishing body butter but I didn’t feel it was intense enough to use later down the road. Plus it didn’t have a nice scent at all. It wasn’t bad but it was a faint waxy smell. So it didn’t really feel luxurious putting it on. I only applied this once a day after my shower. I wasn’t really growing much yet anyways.

2nd Trimester:

I did some research and learned that only vitamin e truly “heals” the skin while cocoa butter and others just moisturize the skin. So I decided to do a combo approach. First I bought this simple vitamin e skin oil. It was surprisingly cheap at about 3-4$ for a bottle that lasted months. I would apply this right out of the shower for intense moisture. I would also apply it to my old stretch marks from my teen years, just to see if it made a difference. Nothing yet. Then, since I had heard so many good things, I starting using Palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks tummy butter as well. I would apply this every morning but then started to reduce my use of it because, the mineral oil ingredient was making my tummy break out! I pretty much had a big pimply tummy at one point. Mineral Oil Is Not MY Friend!

3rd Trimester:


Now this is my holy grail and I wish I found it sooner. I was looking for more of the vitamin e oil, since it had been working so well for me, but I stumbled upon this instead. After reading the ingredients I decided this would be a great skin oil for anyone, not just babies! It has vitamin e, frankincense, shea, sweet almond oil, all good things for skin. It’s pretty much an upgraded version of the plain vitamin e oil I was using. Plus is smells really nice. I put this on 2-3 times a day. Always after a shower and before I get dressed. I had bought 2 bottles because they were buy one get one free and I’m still not even half way through the first. I plan on using this on my baby after bath time and on myself postpartum. I really love this oil and it’s so much more natural than the popular Johnson and Johnson baby oil.

I have yet to get any stretch marks! Yet the old ones from my teen years are still present. That’s life I guess.





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