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Lip Colors for Warm Skin tones

How do I know if I have a warm skin tone?

Do you tan easily? Do you have golden blonde or golden brown hair? Look at your wrist and look at your veins. Do they have a green tint to them? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you probably have a warm skin tone. These are skin tones with yellow undertones (that’s what makes your veins look green).

People with warm skin tones come in all different shades, light, medium, tan and chocolate. They tend to look good in clothing in autumn shades like Mustard yellow, Olive green and Plum.

Here are a list of Avon brand lipsticks that would look great on warm skin tones. From everyday neutral colors to bold, bright lip looks.

Natural colors: for when you want a subtle look

Beyond Color Lipstick in Cantaloupe (warm peachy nude shade)Purchase here.



Beyond Color Lipstick in Twig (warm medium tone berry)Purchase here.


This collection makes lips look fuller ^

Ultra Color lipstick Frozen Rose (nude/pink/shimmer)Purchase here.


Ultra Color Lipstick in Rosewine (neutral medium warm pink) middle swatch Purchase here.


Bold: for when you want to make a statement

Ultra color lipstick in Wine Berry (muted berry shade)Purchase here.


Ultra color lipstick Coral Burst (bright orange/red)Purchase here.


Ultra color indulgence lipstick (rose bouquet, peach petunia, red tulip)Purchase here.


this collection is super moisturizing and goes on like a balm ^

Notes: None of these pictures are my own unless stated otherwise.



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