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Natural Products I’m Loving

I’ve been trying to slowly make an effort to remove unnecessary or harmful chemicals from my beauty routine. Now I’m no pure beauty, clean eating angel but hey I’m making some kind of effort. Now there are some chemicals that just make me look better so I’m not giving those up yet. Especially since they haven’t been proven to do any damage. I don’t believe all chemicals are bad. That’s chemistry. But anyhow here are some items I’ve started using instead of their mainstream counterparts and I’m loving them so far!

1. Lavanila deodorant (vanilla lavender)


I’ve actually heard alot about this product before trying it. Everyone was raving about how good it actually worked and how nice it smelled. I was pretty freaked about aluminum being the main ingredient in most deodorants. Just seemed unnatural to me. Yet I was wary of Lavanila price tag of $15. However once I noticed how little I need to use and how effective it is, I can see this one container lasting a good 6+ months. It really does smell great too! Glad I finally made the switch.

2. Tom’s of Maine toothpaste in Simply White


Now I believe when I was younger I used Tom’s toothpaste before, but it was so long ago. This one still has fluoride in it, which I’m not willing to give up yet since it strengthens your teeth. However it’s not as harsh as another mainstream toothpaste I was using that I think was making my teeth sensitive. This one doesn’t whiten as well as the other but the flavor is milder and my teeth and gums have been less sensitive. So it’s give and take.

3. Humphreys Witch Hazel Toner (redness reducing)


I freaking love this stuff! I bought it on a total whim after seeing it at a health food store. It doesn’t sting, dry out your skin or anything harsh like that. It has all natural ingredients like cucumber, lavender, chamomile, all good stuff. It removes left over dirt and makeup too. I will never use another toner! This is my skin’s must have. The witch hazel helps with acne too. Also it’s alcohol free! I could go on and on so I’ll stop.

4. Desert Essence tea tree oil blemish stick


This is another skin saver for me. I’m on my second one, about to buy a third. Just roll this liquid on your pimples and they are gone in 2-3 days tops. All the ingredients are natural like tea tree oil, lavender and aloe. When you read the label you can actually recognize all the ingredients. That’s always a good feeling. I use this morning and night where needed. Warning, if you have sensitive skin it can sting at first. Especially after washing your face.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or have some natural beauty products of your own that you love!



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