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Hey ya’ll!
Even though the weather here in the south is far from feeling cool enough to wear a sweater (that’s December for us) I’m so eager for the fall festivities! There’s Halloween, Gypsy Market and other fall festivals, Thanksgiving and of course everything pumpkin! I saw this tag on Life of Kristin ‘s blog and thought this would be fun!
Let’s get started!


Favorite candle scent?
Last year I was in love with Pumpkin Pecan Waffles by Bath & Body Works. It always made me hungry because it smells so scrumptious.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
In the morning tea. At night hot chocolate with marshmallows please.

What is your best fall memory?
Last year we were staying with a friend and the trees in his back yard produced a ton of leaves. There were so many that there were huge piles and mounds waiting to be burned because it took so long to burn them all. I would try my best to keep the mounds tidy but the cool air made my pups extra chipper, so they would run full speed through the piles playing. They even played a little “hide and seek” game where one would burrow into the leaves till she was completely camouflaged. When the other would jump in the pile to get her, she would pop out and get at him. Talk about hours of entertainment. I couldn’t even pretend to be mad.

Which makeup trend do you prefer? Dark lips or winged eyeliner?
I guess I’m going to have to say winged eyeliner because I don’t think this year’s dark lip trend looks good on me. Love it on everyone else though. What trend I really like for fall though is plum eyes.

Best fragrance for fall?
Oh! To be specific I love Bvlgari Rose essential for colder months. In general anything warm and sensual is good.

Favorite Thanksgiving food?
My mom’s home made cranberry sauce. All the food taste plain without it.

What is autumn weather like where you live?
Ummm….very bi-polar. It could be sweltering hot one day the next rainy and cool, then dry and breezy. Then hot and dry then there’s a random ice storm or flood. All in the same week. That’s Texas for you.

Most worn sweater?
Well we barely get to wear our sweaters down here so the one I wore most I have probably only worn maybe 5 times. It’s a woven white sweater with gold thread weaved into it in stripes. I no longer have it cuz it unraveled.

Football games or jumping into leaf piles?

Favorite pie?
I really like pumpkin but I can only have a tiny piece due to food allergies.

What song gets you into the fall spirit?
Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

Is pumpkin pie spice worth all the hype?
Yes but I don’t think people understand that you don’t have to shovel out a bunch of money for it. There’s something called pumpkin pie spice. It’s been around for ages. It’s what they make pumpkin pie with. Just go to the grocery store, you’ll see its the same thing.

Favorite fall tv show?
The walking dead!

Skinny jeans or leggings?
Leggings are so much more comfortable!

Combat boots or Uggs?
Uggs at home, boots out.

Halloween yes or no?
YES your never too old. I already have my whole costume together and it’s only September.

Fall mornings or evenings?
Mornings! Sitting outside with a hot beverage is ideal.

What do you think of black friday?
Not for me.

Fall 2015 trend you love.
Hats! Especially black wide brim fedora and beanies.

Let me know your favorites!



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