Reader Update (I have Rosacea)

Ya’ll may have noticed I haven’t been posting lately and I’m posting this quick update to explain why and to announce a new direction in life. Recently I have had a severe reaction on my face. My face turned extremely red, more than usual, and tiny bumps started to form all over the entirety of my face. This was, at first, a slow process then it exacerbated over night. After doing some research I discovered that I have type 2 rosacea. For more information on this I provided a link from WebMD.

After this discovery I had a couple epiphanies. 1. I had been told when I was a teen I had rosacea by a dermatologist and I completely forgot. 2. My mom also has rosacea and it’s usually hereditary. 3. I had been treating the bumps that come along with the redness as acne, thus using harsh chemicals and scrubs that led to the disastrous state I’m in now. (Ignorance is not bliss)

So now I’m completely changing my skincare routine and what I put on my face in general. I have already ordered some new, gentle cleansing and moisturizing products to try. I ordered some samples of all natural makeup as well. I am also trying out some natural remedies from ingredients I already have. Once I have been able to give them all a decent run I will report my findings to you. I’m hoping there are others like me out there and that the new information I will soon be providing will be helpful. Even if you don’t have any skin issues, you may want to just try out a more natural approach to beauty.

If you have any product recommendations please let me know in the comments!

Thank you



One thought on “Reader Update (I have Rosacea)

  1. Update:
    The severity of the rosacea seems to have been brought about by a mixer of a really bad reaction to a new foundation I was using and being pregnant. Since I’ve stopped using this foundation “Maybelline fit me matte poreless” my skin has dramatically improved. Thank God!


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