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Express Review: Boots Botanics Organic Softening Cleanser


While strolling through the aisles of Target, I got a hunch to try an oil based cleanser. I wanted one I could use all over my face and eyes. I didn’t want to have to remove my face and eye makeup with 2 separate products in 2 separate steps. In the beauty aisle I was gravitating towards an oil cleanser with a high price tag. I put it in my cart but thought, there has to be a more affordable option. That’s when I noticed this little gem. The Boots Botanics Organic Softening Cleanser. At around $8 I had to give it a try! You can purchase it yourself here.

This cleanser has the texture of a lotion and even looks like a lotion. It also has all kinds of skin loving ingredients and is suitable for eye makeup removal. Here are just some of the ingredients:

  • olive oil
  • rose seed oil
  • lemon peel oil
How to use:
Massage into dry skin over face and neck. Gently remove with tissues.
In reality I remove this product with a damp wash cloth.
Final thoughts:
My skin is left virtually makeup free and not dried out at all. The smell of this product is lemony and slightly floral. I love how my skin feels after I wipe the product off. Not dry or tight at all but just smooth and balanced. I’m excited to see if my skins texture and tone will improve over time since lemon oil tends to be good at lightening dark spots. I was worried the lemon oil would burn my eyes but it doesn’t at all. I guess it isn’t enough to cause irritation.
Rating: A

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