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Melt Proof + Summer Proof Makeup

Trying to look put together when it’s triple digits outside is hard! Here are the items I currently have in my makeup bag to help me get through these hot summer days with out my face melting off.


To even out my complexion and have protection from the sun, I love this BB cream, Physicians Formula Argan Wear BB Cream. It has SPF 30, which is one of the higher SPFs found in drug store BB creams. It also has nourishing argan oil that moisturizes with out leaving your face greasy. If you have oily skin, use this instead of your usual moisturizer. A BB cream is more light weight than a foundation and the moisturizing ingredients soak into the skin. This one in particular has more coverage than the standard drug store BB cream. An added bonus for people like me with a less than perfect complexion!


For concealer there is no beating the Boing concealer from Benefit Cosmetics. This stuff stays put! And you only need a tiny amount to cover everything from dark circles to scars and blemishes. You can even use a lighter shade to lightly highlight your face in key areas like the bridge of your nose and inner eye. It wont budge!


Speaking of highlighting the Loreal Silkissime eyeliner in Highlighter is a must! This multi-tasker can be used as an eye shadow, eyeliner and highlight! I use it to highlight my inner eye area to give my face a fresh wide awake look. I also use it on my brow bone as a highlight. No worrying about touch ups because this formula stays put all day till you remove it with makeup remover.


If you want a little more definition, a cute little flick of black liquid eyeliner is all you need! Jesses Girl Liquid Eyeliner is so easy to apply. Even if you are a liquid eyeliner newbie, the paintbrush like tip makes winged eyeliner a breeze. This formula wont run or smudge on  those sweltering days! Keep this pen handy in your bag so you can transition to a more dramatic night look later.


Now for that summer glow. I’ve been obsessed with this bronzer. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer is the bomb! Apply it to the hallows of your cheeks, temples and forehead and a little on your nose, for a sun kissed look. The waterproof formula of this bronzer means it wont stray during the day. Where ever you apply it is where it stays!


Last but not least you can’t forget about those cheeks! Not only is this product all natural with real fruit ingredients, it delivers! I personally love the shade pink grapefruit. I find it best when applied with a small stippling brush. Just swipe the brush over the stick of color and blend onto cheeks. Another go to method is to just use your fingers to pat onto cheeks, lips or even eyelids, where ever you want! You will have that glow from within look all day with no streaky mess later.

What are your melt proof must haves? Do they have multi-tasking benefits? Let me know in the comments.




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