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DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub


This coffee sugar scrub works wonders in several ways. It’s packed with skin loving ingredients! The caffeine punch delivers antioxidants as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite and reducing the puffiness under eyes. Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing and gives skin a luminous glow. Other added oils such as vitamin e and grape seed oil bring out the best in skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring moisture levels.

Continue reading for recipe.





2 cups coffee grounds

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 cup coconut oil

10-20 drops vitamin E oil

1 tbsp grape seed oil

1 tbsp of vanilla flavoring (alcohol free) *optional

Directions: Mix all ingredients together in large bowl, when product is moistened, think of lumpy brownie mix, spoon into a container of your choosing with a secure lid.

How to use: scoop a small amount into hands and rub in circular motions on to legs when in the shower or tub, before shaving. make sure to rub in areas that you have cellulite, the caffeine and scrub will invigorate the skin and promote circulation. Rinse well. You can also use this scrub on your face but very gently. it may be too abrasive fore some sensitive skin types. Over time this will restore glow and firmness to the applied area.

Tips: If you use this one your legs before shaving you might not even need shaving cream. The coconut oil will be left behind after rinsing alone and is great as a barrier between your legs and the razor. You might also need less to no moisturizer after stepping out of the tub or shower. Also keep the container right outside of your shower or tub to avoid slippery spills.




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