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Cargo Cosmetics Lipgloss Review


Hey beauties,
Time for another review. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the new Cargo Cosmetics lipgloss in Anguilla. This is a very light, pale, cool toned pink color. Below are swatches.
Without flash:


With flash:


The consistency is creamy and just a little on the thicker side. You want to make sure to apply lightly because it can tend to glob up. When I first applied it, it was very thick and looked messy but, after a couple minuets of being on my lips and from the warmth of my skin it kind of thinned out and settled really nicely. So all day I would touch up in the car on my way so when I got to where I was going the lipgloss looked perfect. The scent however is atrocious! Like wet paint or really strong chemicals. It’s only noticeable at first and after application it goes away.


What I really like about these light, creamy pink colors is that if you are pale or light like me then you can really pull it off as an alternative to a nude color.

Over all I would give give this product a B -. Application and consistency could be better but the color is adorable. The scent is horrible however. What happened to the good old sweet and fruity or vanilla scents?


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