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Biore Charcoal Strips Review


Biore’ has released a new line of charcoal infused products such as, strips, face wash and scrubs. I recently tried the new strips, seen above.

How to use:
remove all makeup from ur face
Wet nose
Peel back clear backing of strip
Place smooth shiny side on nose
Press firmly and smooth out
Wait to dry
Peel from the outside corners going in

My thoughts:
First off I had to add water to the strip after I had put it on my nose. I guess my nose wasn’t wet enough and it wasn’t sticking. After doing that and smoothing it down, black stuff started spreading all over my nose, which I  guess was the charcoal. I waited about 10 mins and when it was dry, pulled it off. It hurt a little at first and my nose was red after but, nothing too painful. When I looked at the strip I could see it definitely pulled some gunk out of my pores! Gross! But good! I would say it got about 80-90% of the build up out.

So yes I would say this product really works. However I didn’t see any special effect from the charcoal. I think maybe these are just as effective as the white strips. Also in regards to all the strips, don’t use them on sunburned, sensitive or a broken out nose. That would hurt!

Let me know if you ever tried the Biore’ strips and how they worked for you in the comments.



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