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Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation Review/First Impression


I picked up shade 110 and 115 of this new matte and poreless foundation from the Fit Me line. 110 is called porcelain and 115 is ivory. I’m usually the lightest shade of any foundation but porcelain looked too light when I swatched it at the store, yet 115 was a couple shades darker than 110. Almost too dark, more like my tan self. Another annoyance is this formula is hard to get out of the packaging. There is no pump and it’s not thick but not watery either so u really have to shake this stuff out.
Indoor light:


Natural sunlight:


See the difference? So I bought both to mix together. I blended them on the back of my hand and dotted it with my finger all over my face. Then I used a sponge to blend out in a soft patting motion. With in a few minutes I was shocked at how soft and matte this foundation had set. It set fast too. Usually I look dewy no matter what the foundation, matte or dewy. This one set almost like a liquid powder. Even though I blended the 2 colors I still felt like the end result was too light. So I took 115 to kind of contour my cheek bones. Here is the end result after.



I didn’t use any concealer on my scars and blemishes, just my under eyes. I feel the coverage was medium, not to light but not heavy at all. You could layer this for fuller coverage. I set my face with a soft highlighting powder and finished the rest of my makeup.



I really like the result. I’m hoping since this is for normal to oily skin, that I won’t be getting shinny too soon. I’m also hoping this doesn’t cause me to break out either but that takes a couple days to determine. I’ll post an update soon. I really like the end result, it’s light and has a soft powdery feel. However it doesn’t hide pores or minimize the look at all. It does have a pretty matte finish especially for a light weight foundation.
For a first impression I like it! The feel and the look are perfect for everyday. I think u can find this foundation almost anywhere but I was especially surprised to find it at my local grocery store for only $5.67. At other drug stores this products runs around $8. Let me know if you have tried this new foundation yet and if you liked it.



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