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Proactiv + Does it Really Work?

Hey guys I promised ya’ll an update on my last post on how my skin reacted to proactiv + and if it really worked for me or not. Well it’s been about a month so here’s the update.
As you may have read before I recently turned 25 and my skin changed dramatically on me. I was breaking out in places on my face I never have before and nothing could get it under control. I was desperate so as a last ditch effort I bought the proactiv + system. The price wasn’t bad at all for all the products I got and the regular subscription I’m on is 40$ every 3 months. Here’s what all I’ve been using.



The system is pretty simple. Use the exfoliating wash twice a day. After that I apply the Re-texturizing toner but only at night. Then apply the targeting treatment to affected areas. Follow with perfecting moisturizer. Now it’s winter and all this medicine has made my face dryer than usual so I’ve been using my tried and true Cetaphil moisturizer on top of that where needed. Especially before applying makeup. Oh and don’t forget the eye serum. Also about every week or so, maybe longer I’ll apply the mark correcting pads but, these are really potent so I’m careful not to over use. Here are my before and after pictures of the first day I started the system and yesterday.






Now I don’t know how much u can tell from these pics but in person you can and I can feel it. The texture of my skin is really soft and smooth. Also alot of redness is diminished and some old acne spots are fading. Before I would have several large pimples on my chin and cheeks along with bumps all over my forehead. Now the number of bumpy clusters on my forehead have gone down and pimples are drying up and healing in days instead of weeks. I’m not completely clear yet but it’s nice to only have 1 or 2 large pimples instead of 5 all over.
Here’s a surprise, they eye cream is actually good! My undereyes are brighter and more firm. The dark circles are virtually gone and the fine lines are invisible till my makeup cakes up into them.
The cons are there but few. First off the first couple times I used this system it burned! Even the under eye cream. Weird I know. I was thinking this can’t be good. But about a week later it stopped. Also these products will dry u out. Even the moisturizer. If you have dry skin to begin with beware. I have oily skin and it changed my complexion to normal/dry. I’m actually not too mad about this since less oil is good for me. I am more balanced during the day now. You will probably need to supplement a moisturizer with this system. I also wish that I got monthly small amounts of product instead of the big amounts because if you travel you can’t bring it with you. TSA rules. Also I kind of wish there was a regular foaming cleanser instead of just the exfoliating one. All that exfoliating can’t be good.
Anyways that’s my take on this new Proactiv + system and I will keep using it until it stops working. It’s worth the money to me because you normally waste the same amount or more trying to find something that works. I just have to be strict and not stray from these products. Would ya’ll like a 3 or 6 month update? Let me know.



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