Proactiv + and My Acne Story

I’m really excited because I just got in my first shipment of proactiv+. I used proactiv for a little while when I was in middle school and my skin just started getting acne. I remember it was really harsh and drying then, but seemed to get the job done. My acne calmed down when I turned 16 and has been mostly under control till this year. I’m now 25 and my acne is worse than ever. Probably due to hormonal changes. I get it on my back too, it’s really bad! Anyways I’m going to try out this new proactiv+ system since it seems to be targeted to people with adult acne. Also the ingredients are not as harsh as the original system. I received the 30 day system and if it doesn’t work you best believe I’ll return it for a refund. I’m going to give this system a month and then I’ll  post my results, good or bad. Remember everyone’s skin is different. Mine is oily and sometimes combination and acne prone….duh.

Below are pictures of everything I received.




I have to say for $40 I feel like I made out well! I received:

Skin smoothing exfoliator
Pore targeting treatment
Complexion perfecting hydrator
Re-texturizing toner with pads
Mark correcting pads
Skin purifying mask
Eye brightening serum

That’s a total of 7 products! So I’ll definitely be trying out a large amount of the line. All products seem to have pretty good ingredients like sweet almond oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. I’m excited to try these out and I’ll get back to ya’ll about my results.



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