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L’Oréal Butterfly Intenza Mascara First Impression Review

I just purchased the new L’Oréal Butterfly Intenza mascara yesterday and was so eager to try it! I tried it for the first time today and posted pictures below of the results. Follow along to read the full review.



Here is a picture of the packaging and what the brush looks like after inserted into the product. It is a comb like wand with 2 wings on each side and small bristles all around. Comb like wands are great for separating lashes while stacking on product.


Here is one coat on one eye. Already you can see a difference in length and definition. My lashes are naturally long so with just one coat I feel the mascara accentuates what I already have.


This is an up close of one coat.



Boom! 2 coats baby! Look at those lashes! I love the end result. I stopped at 2 coats just to be safe. The results are huge, voluminous, long lashes! They are very fanned out and seperated just as the packaging promises. It seems to also hold my curl and not make my lashes go straight from being weighed down. We shall see though. I’ll follow up. The color I got was blackest black by the way. This formula is also in a great medium between wet and dry. I would call it creamy, which is perfect for volume. The comb was amazing at separating all the lashes while piling on product to make them look thicker. I can’t say enough good things about this mascara, I’m pretty sure it’s a new favorite!



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