Tips for Longer Stronger Hair.

Lately I’ve been determined to grow my hair out as long as possible. About a year ago I got bored with my long locks and chopped it all off. It was pretty cute for a while but now I’m ready for long mermaid hair. This can be tricky for someone like me because I frequently get my hair highlighted. Bleach is probably one of the worse things for your hair but, I love being blonde and always will be. However over time I have learned a few tricks to prevent split ends and breakage. It has been about 6 months since I’ve gotten my hair cut last which is very good for someone like me since I do get highlights about every 2-3 months. Now I haven’t just been skipping cuts, I’ve just not needed one since my ends are healthy and not splitting. Here are some tips for preventing damage which is key for growing your hair longer and stronger.

Hair care products are key. I use a protein rich conditioner especially designed for blonde treated hair. I also use a moisturizing shampoo for growing out long hair. This double shot will help hair hold protein it needs for strong growth.

paul-mitchell-forever-blonde-conditioner-33-8-oz-8 way to grow

Also always make sure to put something back on your hair when you get out of the shower. You just got done stripping all those natural oils back and your strands are going to need something back. I always apply a dry oil type of spray to my hair along with this amazing repair cream. The spray I have been using lately is from Loreal and I picked it because it is a dry oil that also contains coconut oil, which my hair loves. The repair cream is from Aveda and was recommended to me by my stylist since I get my hair highlighted so frequently. It also doubles as a heat protectant but I use it every time I shower even though I barley ever blow dry.


This next tip, and it may just be the most important one is to avoid heat styling. If you can forgo it all together then great! Every time you use heat on your hair you are damaging it. If it helps you to conserve than think of your hair being on a point system. You only get about 5 points a week for your hair and every time you wash, blow dry or style your hair you use points and heat styling in 2 points. So skip washing your hair everyday and use dry shampoo or put it up in a cute bun. Try this no heat curls method. The curls hold even better if you apply a mouse or curl cream too. Here is a video tutorial I used to get these curls.

Video: No Heat Curls

no heat curls

To see how much my hair has grown in a year, with regular trims, here is a picture of how short it use to be. There has been at least 6 inches of growth so far if not more.


Good luck and take care of those lovely locks.





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