How I Finally Got Clear Skin!

This was quite a process but, after 10 years I finally have my acne under control and am on the way to healing my acne scars. Everyone’s skin is different and your diet has a lot to do with the health of your skin, despite all the times you have heard otherwise. For example, if I eat a lot of candy or soda or anything with a lot of refined sugar, like clockwork I will get a pimple.

So you know what I’m working with here, I have oily-combination skin that is prone to breakouts. It is very picky what I put on it and I have a long list of ingredients that it does not like in facial products, including makeup. Sometimes over working it makes it freak out a little with dryness and a pimple so I like to give it a break now and then. In other words I don’t do my entire routine every night. I skip maybe once a week but, I always take off my makeup.

In The Beginning:
First I had to purge! This is when you use the strongest stuff you got to treat the current acne you have and wipe it out. This way you will have a clean slate.

For cleanser I was using 2 different products, one for morning and one for night.
Morning: Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub

Night: Clean and Clear with Benzoyl Peroxide


Toner used after each wash: Biore Acne Fighting Astringent


For moisturizer in the A.M. anything with spf would work but I made sure it was oil free, noncomedogenic and no mineral oil. Then for night I would use a simple moisturizer like Cetaphil. However about once a week I would mix Cetaphil with a pea size amount of a benzoyl peroxide cream and apply it all over at night. This would greatly diminish the acne I had over night.


This stuff kicks butt! Beware it is super drying so make sure to mix with a moisturizer and only apply at night so you don’t risk peeling or sunburn.I did this routine for about 3 months till everything was calm and clear again.


Now everything is clear and I don’t need to use super harsh products on my skin anymore. So now I have a new routine that involves reducing the harsh ingredients and altering my diet SLIGHTLY. This routine is slightly more natural and begins the healing and restoring process for skin.

Cleanser A.M. and P.M. Garnier grapefruit scrub to balance oily combination skin


Its a mouth full but it gets the job done. It softens the dry areas of my skin like the cheeks and clears away oil in the greasy parts like my t-zone. It isn’t drying but, really cleans.

Toner: Dickinson Wick Hazel


This keeps pores clean without drying out the skin and naturally fights acne. It smells awful, like burnt hair, but it’s worth it.

Moisturizer A.M. Simple moisturizer with spf 15


Moisturizer P.M. NYR Grape seed Oil


The morning moisturizer gives me the spf protection I need during the day while not making me greasy later in the day. The grape seed oil is a natural wonder. It does so many good things for your skin and if you are oily like me it keeps your skin from producing access oil. It overall helps the condition and healing process of your skin and wont make you breakout. In fact it is a facial oil a lot of people recommend for acne prone skin.

Once or twice a week I still treat my skin to prevent it from breaking out again and for helping in the treatment of dark spots and signs of aging. I’m only in my 20’s but you need to prevent wrinkles and dull skin before it happens. So for treatment I will wash my face with a facial brush like this one.


Any kind will work. You don’t have to cash out a lot of money on a fancy one. For the cleanser I use something really simple and gentle.

ultra gentle

This way I wont inflame or irritate the skin. Also if you are in the purging process use the benzoyl peroxide cleanser instead, with the cleanser brush and use that once a week or so. Anyways then I will apply a moisturizer with retinol.


This has always worked wonders for me and I wonder why I ever strayed away. It fights wrinkles and other signs of aging like dullness and dark spots. It does this by removing a very thin layer of dead skin. This reveals radiant fresh skin and keeps the dead skin out of your pores hence no more breakouts.

Every now and then I feel a pimple trying to come in and when I do I just use a more gentle version of the benzoyl peroxide cream by Murad. With this product there is no worries of drying out the skin so it wont throw off my whole routine.


Diet: Multivitamins and Biotin daily, Prim Rose Evening Oil during your menstrual cycle. This is a huge factor in keeping my skin clear and if you miss too many days a pimple will start to emerge. Biotin is great for your nails and hair too! Prim Rose Evening Oil is good for a woman’s overall health and helps reduce PMS symptoms. Also you need your multivitamin daily so that your skin is getting all that good vitamin e and a. Also just overall good diet and health is reflected through your skin. You get out what you put in!

I hope this helps you on your journey to clean skin! Now remember I have oily combination skin so some of the products that work for me might not work for you. If your skin is more dry you may need lower levels of the medicine found in these products or need a heavier moisturizer. Just saying!






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