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What’s in my Pool Bag?

Well it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I can’t help but go to the pool every chance I get. The sun is shining and there is just the right amount of cloud cover this time of year. We pretty much all love sun bathing and maybe, just maybe, some swimming. However we just go it alone. I have some essentials I can’t head to the pool without. These items are either keeping me protected or helping aid to the fun!

Silk Hydration™ Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30

For protection from the suns harmful rays I use Hawaiian tropic silk hydration spf 30. This is a really moisturizing formula with a nice tropical scent. Anything with an spf range of 30-50 is perfect because it will protect you from a sun burn but still allow you to get some color. Remember though the lower the spf the more times you might need to reapply and always reapply after getting out of the water. This is not a water resistant formula.

Of course everyone needs a cute towel. I love this one from I’m obsessed with all things Hello Kitty and no one should take themselves too seriously with it comes to beach towels.


For protection for my face beyond just spf, I always wear a hat. I really like this one from Target. The bright pink and orange stripes are really fun and the floppy hat style makes you look a little more chic at the pool. Makes up for that Hello Kitty towel.


This is my all time favorite lip balm with spf in it. It has a great taste and protects your lips with a way stronger spf than typical lip treatments. I picked this up while on vacation in South Padre Island but you can purchase yours at Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself licking most of it off. It’s that yummy.


The pool can get a little boring or quite. That’s why I always bring my portable speaker to help set a fun mood. This JBL one is really easy to use and connects to any Bluetooth device in seconds. I connect it to my phone and play my favorite Pandora stations. It’s loud enough for a pool party too!


I feel like this one is kind of obvious but of course I always carry some cute shades in my pool bag. Heck they are pretty much glued to my face. I love my rose gold aviators that I also picked up in South Padre. I bought them from a little surf shop but the picture of these ones are pretty identical. Not only do you look cute and stylish in them but they protect your eyes from the sun.

mag mag2 mag3

Lastly you have to have a good read. Some of my favorite magazines are All You, People Style Watch and I love browsing the latest Avon catalog. Make sure to bring a pen so you can circle all your favorite DIYs and products. You can shop my Avon store to see all the great items in the Big Hot Color Sale.



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